Publication in the ITI Bulletin

Linked to my last post on translating for NGOs, today I’d like to share this article that I co-wrote with Laura Furones, and recently published in the Bulletin of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting. In the article, Laura and I talk about what it’s like to work for this

Translating for NGOs: as easy as it seems?

As you’ll have read on my website, some of my favourite clients are non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and similar associations. There’s a popular misconception that translating for these customers is easy, and that the work can be done by a student or a machine. But in reality it’s far more complex

The three projects I enjoyed the most in 2022

Now that my new website is finally live, I’d like to share with you a summary of the three projects I enjoyed the most in 2022. It will give you an idea of the type of translations I am best suited for. You can download the file here: